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Anyone Want a Beagle?

I should know by now that if my home line rings, it’s not going to be a fun phone call.



“Jack, Jr. The neighbor.”

“Oh. Hi…….” There was only one word that passed through my head, and I don’t want to write it here. He didn’t need to continue since I knew he was going to say something about the f’ing dogs, but he did…

“So, um, my mom (she’s 90 I think) is having an issue with your beagle…he’s terrorizing the barn – destroying it, rather. He eats the cat food, chases the cats, herds the horses, and chews everything up.”

Again – all sorts of inappropriate words ran through my mental word-ticker, flashing all sorts of fiery colors.

“It’s not the end of the world, but if you could actually train him, that’d be great.” That’s not exactly what he said, but that’s what I heard.

Stupid Beagle. I mean, honestly, what the hell can I do??? Keep him inside? If I do, he’ll destroy the house. If I don’t, my neighbors are going to hate me…ugh. Anyone want a beagle?

The home phone did ring today with good news as well.  Dr. Wilson called to tell me that my MRI had come back ok, and that there were no rips in the tendons – which means there will be no need for any drastic surgeries!  WOO HOO! SUCH good news.  What I DO have is bursitis in both hips, which can be helped with injections.  I’m so relieved…and also excited that I might finally get some relief from the nagging pain.

So what filled the day up?

1. Ellie woke way too early…

2. We met the farrier at the barn since Frank threw a shoe yesterday, and needed a new one.  He’s a thoroughbred, so he thought he couldn’t walk without it.  Mr. Drama.

3. Got coffee, picked up V and L.

4. Met Grandma Lene at the YMCA to let EG swim for a while. She did amazing – picked up three rings off the bottom of the pool, and couldn’t get the smile off her face.  She impressed a few people – including the lifeguard.

5. Placed the soaker hoses in the veggie garden.  I’m not sure they’re going to work, but we’re going to try.  The ground was already so saturated from the rains, that I essentially ended up flooding everything. Ha.

6.  Made a delicious chicken and tomato pasta…super fresh, super light…

7. Am going to bed. I’m exhausted. I don’t care if it’s only 8:30!

Nighty night all!


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  1. Three words: “Electronic Dog Fence”.

    Very effective and after awhile you may even be able to remove the collars. You run a simple wire around the permiter of your “inside” yard – we did about 5 acres – and the pooches wear a collar. If you buy a good one, it will work great. They get a warning sound, then a light shock, then a stronger shock as they approach the wire. You put flags to mark the wire location so they get a visual indication of how far they can go…

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