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Fearful = Feisty

Today was Mother’s Day, and while I AM a mom, the whole idea of being old enough to hold such a title is still a little odd to me.  That’s probably a good thing, because around these parts it was just another day. My husband’s not much for sentimentality, so there wasn’t much of an acknowledgment of the meaning of the day.  Besides, we had a great time yesterday, and I had been putting off a ton of stuff that needs to be done before we head to Sydney’s adoption.  So instead of breakfast in bed, I mucked stalls, dealt with the horses, cleaned up from the celebration yesterday, packed for our trip to California, organized Ellie’s toys, did laundry, and tried to get things set up for Victor and Lorena’s stay here at DPF.

When Elyse (our neighbor’s daughter) showed up with Ellie’s third favorite dog (Charlie), I was thrilled.  Charlie was recently relocated to Elyse’s household, and EG has missed the darn dog terribly.  Ellie was asleep when they arrived, and when I woke her to tell her that Charlie had come to visit, her little face lit up!  Thanks, Elyse, for making Ellie’s day brighter!

Ellie had her first juice today…straight out of a juice pouch.  She loved the first couple sips, and then it was all just a bit too sweet for her.  So cute! 🙂

I did have a bit of an interesting discovery…

I’m still scared of my horse Avdoo.  As much as I don’t want to admit it, I haven’t quite let go of all of the angst, fear, and tension that came along with the circumstances that were less than ideal a couple years back.  Horses in the wrong hands can go incredibly wrong, especially a horse like Avdoo.  He’s a very intuitive horse, and can sense instability instantly.  He feels insecurity and boom! He takes over.  Today, we had a little episode while bring the horses back in from turn-out.  Jeffrey had EG in the stroller. I had both horses. Jake had the video camera.  Avdoo and Frank both spooked when Jeffrey let the stroller come barreling down the hill, and I had a bit of a panic moment.  Problem is, when I panic, I get mean.  I deal with the situation by snapping at Jeffrey.  Ugh, I’m not proud of it, and it was not pretty, but it certainly woke me up to the fact that I haven’t quite let go of my “baggage” with Avdoo.  I’m taking steps, though, and one day, I’m sure I’ll trust him again.

Fearful = Feisty from Deer Park Farms on Vimeo.

While at the barn (after things settled down a bit), Ellie and I did one of our favorite things together: jumped.  She LOVES to have mommy trot around the arena and over trot poles.  It’s totally exhausting, so she usually only gets one course! Hee hee.


Daddy pushing EG


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  1. savory wins over sweet any day! sweet is treat, not sustenance!

  2. That video of you and EG is just too adorable. I also agree with Jake, savory wins over sweet, always.

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