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Just in case you were ever wondering, the sound of a very tall tree cracking and falling is frightening: really, really, really frightening.

After taking EG swimming and then having lunch with an absolutely incredible, beautiful new friend (a mutual friend of ours who lives in LA insisted we meet each other – and rightfully so), I headed back home to work in the garden since there was a brief break in the rain.  As I crouched, trying to take pictures of the radishes that are ready for picking I heard this huge, massive crack.  Oddly enough, my first reaction was to drop into Earthquake mode: curled up into a ball with my hands folded on the back of my neck.  When I realized that the end of the world wasn’t coming, I looked around, wondering what the hell had happened.

So what was the sound? Well, remember that photo of the big dead tree that the birds were boring holes into?  Yeah. I was right about needing to chop it down.  Lucky for us, it broke toward the top, and I don’t think it’s too likely that it’ll damage more than the chain link fence of the dog run.  Needless to say, there will be a couple of tree guys out here tomorrow giving us bids on bringing the damn thing down.

Other than that, Ellie and I actually had a mellow day – and the evening was quiet.  Ellie insisted on going to bed at 7:15 pm; and there was no protest from mommy…yet, somehow it’s almost 11 and I’m still awake….but not for long…………………………..

Another of my birthday bulbs from Charlene


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  1. Somebody has an eye for photography.

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