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I’m hungover: plain and simple.  I’m exhausted emotionally and physically, and wish so badly I could just rewind and  have one less drink, think just a little more before I spoke, and most certainly have worn different shoes. Ever been there?

That being said…..

My darling friend Katie Hunter is now Mrs. Bob Perkins. That’s awesome….really, really awesome! Katie has been huge part of my life since she walked into the office of Foreign Study at Whittier College in 2001. I’m pretty sure she was wearing khaki pants and white Keds, but she swears she never owned a pair of Keds.  The khaki pants she won’t even try to deny. She was 18, and was there to help Andrea Barber (of Full House, Kimmy Gibler fame) and I get through the craziness of the office.  I’m not sure we ever really got anything done as there was constant laughter, constant chatter, and just constant joy.  Andrea, Katie and I were quite the team, and quickly became our professor Mike (Doc) McBride’s “girls.” I have such amazing memories of the time I spent with them, and for the first time had a truly sincere and inimitable support system.  To be included as part of Katie’s wedding was an honor, and one that I don’t take lightly.  I would do anything for that girl, and hope that she will always know that despite my sometimes incomprehensible behavior, I am forever in awe of her sincerity, love, loyalty, strength and just plain and simple beauty.  Katie, I value you, your friendship and am proud of the woman you have become. If only I could be more like you!  Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your life!

Cheers to the new Bob and Katie Perkins!!!!


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  1. Love the blogs! U look stunning ! And yes I comprende the hangover thing !LOL

  2. Such beautiful words, beautiful photos, beautiful friends. I love you guys!!! xoxo


    P.S. I can vouch for the khakis and white Keds. : )

    P.P.S. Ok, those pics of you and Doc?? He is SUCH a teddy bear!!

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