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Back to Normal?

*Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaawn* Man, oh, man, oh man. I’m TIRED.

I  am really, really, really, really, really dreaming of a vacation on a tropical island somewhere.  Actually, I’d be fine with any place warm and sunny – with a pool or the beach and a bar close by!  And, now that I think of it, even just a DAY away with nothing to do, no one to see, and someone else taking care of everything would be totally acceptable.  One day it WILL happen, right?  A girl can dream; a girl can dream!

Speaking of dreaming, this whole Oprah thing has been a weird thing to deal with on many levels.  Tonight isn’t the night to get into what I mean by that, but I AM going to have a little “What the heck” moment. Apparently a lot of Oprah’s fans watch the audition videos, because today as I filled up my basket in Fred Meyer, a woman kept walking past me staring.  Finally, I stared back.  She blurted out, “Did you do a video for Oprah?”

I kept staring.  For whatever reason, I had no idea what to say.

“Who the heck is this lady? And why is she asking me this? Who’s on the aisle over playing a trick on me?” I thought.

“Uh. Yeah.” The squeal that followed my response was shrill and lasted long enough for me to check the next aisle to see if anyone was in fact playing a trick on me.  But, nope, the lady had just happened upon my audition and had watched it multiple times – she thought it was “really fantastic” that someone local had submitted something!  I told her to pass it on and to keep on voting.  I left the store, shaking my head,  and wondering what planet I was on.

While we’re thinking about Oprah and votes……go ahead, click and vote!


In other news, the DPF blog developed because of days like the last few: one fiasco after another.  Between the refrigerator water pump bursting, the stove refusing to work (I’m following my own advice in this situation and using what I have, which is an electric stove – not a gas range.  It’s almost embarrassing that I consider myself a “foodie” but cook with electric!), the top oven being out of service, the hardwood floor warping from all the water that the fridge was generous enough to give, Boots’ eye being a total disaster, Frankie refusing to walk because he threw his shoe, potty training Ellie Graye, and feeling my femininity – I’m wondering where in the world I get the energy to make it through the day and still do all the other things that have to be done.  It’s kinda insane…no wait, it’s more that I think I MIGHT be insane…or maybe it’s that I AM insane…or….ok, seriously, anyone want to come stay here for a week so I can go bury myself in the sand somewhere?

Fixing the oven

Using what "I have" to make dinner while the stove was being fixed inside

Besides threatening to completely overwhelm me, the day was actually quite productive.  I picked the strawberries before they rotted on the vine, started to weed and then decided it was a waste of time, dealt with the horses, sent out Ellie Graye’s birthday party Evite, got some grocery shopping done, laughed at my ex in UsWeekly (sorry, Juan, I couldn’t resist), made dinner for the Tragessers who just had a baby last week, ran a crap load of errands, and somehow, believe it or not, the moments in between were filled with stuff other than voting for my audition.

It doesn't get much fresher!

Salad to-go

Beyond delicious Chicken Tarragon Drowned in Wine

After taking the Tragessers their dinner (and discovering that Pilar’s parents were also there, but I had only prepared food for 2 people!), I headed to my mom’s house who lives just down the road.  Ellie Graye was thrilled to see GaGa and Bampa, and was had a great time playing.  Mom had made dinner for the family and our friend Luke, but it was late, and EG and I had to head home for bed.  When we arrived back at DPF, Ellie squealed with delight when she spotted two deer in the field near the garden.  Two thoughts ran through my head: “Damn deer are going to eat my roses,”  and “RUN! FAST! Get a photo of that!”  The latter, being much more productive, took over my instincts and the suburban sreeched to a halt as I tossed Ellie a sippy cup of milk and ran to the back of the garden.  I’m pretty happy that I did so, because I was able to capture a few photos that are pretty darn cool!  I couldn’t choose my favorites, so I’m posting all of them!

I'm bummed the tree was in the way! I ALMOST had a perfect picture

I was thrilled to get the shots that I had, and ran back to the car to let EG out of her car seat.  She went directly into the house while I collected all the various and sundry that needed to be taken into the house.  Ellie came back out two seconds later saying, “Mommy! Bootsie bad dog. Sucio [dirty], mommy! Oh no! Oh NO!”  Thinking he had just gotten a small something out of the trash, I slowly headed inside.  What met me in the kitchen was just awful.  Mr. Beagle had somehow gotten onto the counter and pulled down the compost bin that was full of molded strawberries. Yeah. Sticky, smelly, and all over the house! Nice. Damn beagle.

Aaaaaaaaaah, the joys of life at DPF!


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