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I discovered that my life has been relatively calm the last couple of weeks.  How did I discover that?  By having an absolutely insanely busy, chaotic, and way-too-over-committed week.  It was a good week though, and even with a bout of the stomach flu, I still felt pretty positive about everything….until today…

I was determine to ride – even though I hadn’t eaten all day because of my still queasy stomach.  I headed out to the barn and ended up having a fabulous ride on Frankie.  I was out there for way too long, and when I got home from the barn, Jeffrey was facing some challenge with something regarding the pool.

it's not that high, but this horse wouldn't even walk over a ground pole a year ago

While I was sincerely trying to listen to his situation, I was hit with the realization that there was no canine welcome committee when I arrived at the house. Boots and Jax were no where to be seen or heard.  I finally got a word in edgewise with Jeffrey, and he informed me that he had been calling the dogs for an hour, but hadn’t seen them.  “CRAP, CRAP, CRAP,” I yelled.

You see, I don’t deal with these situations with missing animals very well.  I always assume that I won’t ever see them again, and while I’d like to say I remain calm, I don’t.  In fact, I turn scary…get pissed off…and quite frankly, I turn into a bitch.
So needless to say, the search was on, with everyone on the property avoiding the crazy tazmanian momma looking for her damn dogs…I drove all around the property on the tractor, called all the neighbors, then had a moment of dread when I saw the leather collars sitting on the console next to the front door.  You see, they had their shock collars on, but those don’t have tags.  No tags, means that if anyone found them, they would have no idea who to call.

Several hours later, we still hadn’t found them, and I was beginning to think there was no hope…Jeffrey headed out onto Wilsonville Rd. in the Suburban…smart man that he was, he drove up to where they were the last time they had disappeared, and sure enough….there they were way out on Earlwood Dr.  He threw them in the car, and brought them home….I was thrilled to see them, but that faded in a millisecond when I saw that Jax couldn’t walk on her back right leg.  Yeah, you guessed it….I had to take her to the vet.  Turns out something bit the crap out of her leg (Nutria? Coyote? Something big), and she is totally beat up.  Boots scratched his eye (not the same one he had surgery on a couple weeks ago), and is bleeding from somewhere.  I didn’t discover that until I got back with Jax, and you can bet that I wasn’t about to pay another Emergency fee just for an eye.  !@#&*@#  I swear, it never ends!

On another note……I was so occupied with the dogs, that the horses stayed out.  Threw them a bale of hay, and said, SCREW IT.  Hopefully they’ll still be there in the morning – not sure they will because the wind is crazy tonight.  ARGH.  Maybe I should try to bring them back into the barn…..at midnight?!?! No, Melissa, let it go!!!!


4 Comments to “UGH.”

  1. Oh Melissa Melissa… it never ends. At least your pics on this blog are super cool!
    Love you!!

  2. Caring for animals is like caring for children. You never know what the day or night may bring.
    But Love doesn’t count the cost.
    You have a beautiful horse, and you great riding.
    Blessings, Mary xoxoxo

  3. Ditto to Mary. . .

    Though it is amazing how often you must go to the vet with your pooches.
    Is Invisible Fence in the offing at all?

  4. You and Frank look totally awesome together by the way.
    So graceful!

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