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3 days left

Ellie Graye’s birthday party is only 3 days away, and I still have at least two weeks worth of work and preparations to do!  I’m starting to resign myself to the fact that this year’s celebration won’t be anything like last year’s, and while I like things to be “just so” sometimes I just have to do my best and enjoy as much as I can! There are between 40 and 45 adults who have RSVP’d, along with 24 children. Yes, that’s a lot of people. Yes, I’m cooking for everyone.  I’m so relieved that I decided to go with Mexican food – it’s so much easier to make in bulk! Tacos, quesedillas, salsa….yummmmmy! Tonight I made my Salsa Verde (with frozen homegrown tomatillos from last year’s garden), so at least I can cross that off my list!

The neighbor girls brought Ellie Graye a present today: an adorable grocery kiosk complete with cash register, a shopping cart and pretend food items! They hung out and played with her for a while, then had to leave.  Ellie, however, played for hours loading her cart, punching buttons on the register, pushing her cart around the house.  It’s so cute to see her “pretending” now…it’s so fun to see her imagination blossoming!

While EG did love the grocery stand, for her, nothing will keep her away from the pool for too long…especially when mommy is outside working.  There was no way that I could keep an eye on her in the pool while I was hanging decorations and working, so we compromised and pulled out her tiny wading pool from last year.  It kept her happy long enough for me to make some progress on the outdoor decor.

My mother came and picked up Ellie Graye to spend some time with her, so the evening was free and I was able to get a lot done.  I still have more, but at least I have made some positive progress!  I’m still not sure how I’ll pull this one off, but “creativity’s worst enemy is self-doubt” so I must keep reminding myself that I CAN do this, and I WILL!


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  1. Self-doubt is really a killer- but you can do it! You’ve proven it time and time again. Be encouraged!! ^_^

  2. I KNOW it’s going to be a great day. Relax and enjoy – what you do 1/2-mast is more than most do at all! Sorry to miss out on the festivities, but sounds like there will be plenty of guests to feed and play with and get toys from! Have a FUN weekend!!!!!

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