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I’m in a slump, but I think that’s become abundantly clear, and really there’s no need to be redundant.  I’m at the moment sitting with Ellie, letting her watch a movie (of course she chose the Little Mermaid).  I can’t quite lean back on the couch because my upper back and my shoulders are insanely sunburnt!!!

Since I had decided that I’d do my best to just “DO something” and headed out to the garden, I felt a glimmer of that feeling of satisfaction from pulling the heck out of the weeds that were there…but in my haste to forget my mopey-ness I skipped that whole sunscreen thing.  I was wearing a strapless dress, and the sun decided to graffiti my back.  Ok, maybe not “graffiti it” – but it certainly left its mark.  No hiding the affair the sun and I had.  At least I won’t have any bra or strap lines on my back…still, I don’t ever get dark, I just peel, so there’s NO up-side.  Oh well.  It’ll be over soon.

Life for me has taken on an uncanny resemblance to the last 50 meters of a horrendous race: desperation and yet the feeling of a HUGE accomplishment being just a few more steps away.  It’s as if I’ve trained for this time in my life, and yet I feel like, “WAIT!!!!!!!!!! It wasn’t supposed to be this hard! I’m prepared!”  Many of you who have hardly taken any risks in your life will say, “I told you so” but you really have no clue.  It always amazes me when the people who have never moved outside of their comfort zone decide to say that.   *Of course, I’m not judgmental or anything!*


The last few days have been full of family visits (which are awesome), swimming, cooking, and “getting through.”  I hear say that life will continue to move on….I can’t wait!

progress on Colin's new house

One day this will be a wall of windows!

after meeting at Colin's, the fam came to our house for a swim....even Cassie got in on the action

I made my famous chicken salad...........I need to post the recipe...or maybe I'll save it for my cookbook!

FINALLY!!!!! Here comes the basil!

The pontoons that Jeffrey bought. I have no idea how he's going to make these float...............

is this what poisoned my dogs?????

or this???

There are now chicken(S) - PLURAL on the property

Shake 'em out!!!



The year's first harvest of blackberries


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  1. matt and sanja pearce

    after any big project gets finished there is always a let down period when you “seem” to loose your energy, motivation and general ability to perform at the level of performance that you got used to “before ” your big project.
    I always finish a show with a big list of things I’ve been wanting to do when I get “free’ of the current work project.
    The first week I go at it hard and get lots done, the second and third week I slow down as my body demands rest, so less gets done but I’m ok with it.
    A month after I’m rested and expect to get back at it but with out a big project to get the addrenaline going I slump off into day to day stuff and get less efficient. Unfortunately self imposed, “NON real ” dead lines dont get the adrenalin/hyper drive state going and they just depress me when I dont meet them and set me into a negative spiral of not getting much done and not feeling like I’m achieving.
    I dont have the answer, but I do spend a lot of nights worrying about the big picture and making lists of all the little things I need to do “tomorrow”. When those lists dont get done I get negative.
    My answer, and the reason I’m writing this, try to set short attainable goals thiat you can fit into your day to day stuff. As you knock those off you will get some momentum and after the little things get taken care of you will feel better about starting on the bigger project/problems that seem insurmountable right now.

    I hope this is making some sence- if not thanks for giving me a space to flesh out my head space for someone other than myself, you will find your mojo again, just dont go looking for it so hard.
    Hi to jeffery


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