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Eyes at Half Mast

It’s amazing how lack of sleep, chasing a two year old around, and a broken air conditioner on a ridiculously hot day wiped me out.  I’m grateful that I can type with my eyes closed, because that’s exactly what I’m doing.  Hmmmmm…………….I wonder what would happen if I were to actually fall asleep…I wouldn’t be surprised if my fingers kept on going, and I suddenly was typing my dreams.  Wait. That could be incredibly embarrassing…anyway, I’m tired.

Despite what my exhaustion might seem to say, the last few days have actually been pretty laid back.  Jeffrey was home all last week, which was fantastic.  We stayed busy doing things as a family – a real treat.  With the hot weather here and the aforementioned broken A/C, the pool has proven to be a life-saver (though as of today, the temperature is at 90° F!!!!).  Ellie was thrilled to have Will over for a swim on Sunday, and was so tired from no nap and hours of swimming.

Ellie and I have been trying to coax the garden into health and growth, but it just doesn’t seem to be working.  I have found some consolation in the fact that even many seasoned farmers have had difficulty with their crops.  I swear all that darn work that I put in to this year’s garden, all my excitement, all my anticipation feels like it was all for naught.  I think that’s a huge part of my lack of motivation to write.

The lilies are pretty darn gorgeous, though
and even though I haven’t kept the garden in the condition it was when we bought this place, there are moments where it takes my breath away

There ARE lots of plants that are starting to finally grow!  For the last couple weeks, Ellie Graye has been able to go pick herself carrots to munch on (with the greens still attached), and now she’s loving picking herself a big ol’ cucumber and chomping on its fresh crispness.

Today we picked our first real harvest of zucchini, cucumbers and tomatillos, so the next few days will be focused on canning and preserving.  Zucchini bread, stuffed pattypans, green salsas, pickles and relish will hopefully be filling the basement and freezers before the end of the week!

Blueberries from the neighbors’
Pickling cucumbers, tomatillos, and summer squashes – oh, and green beans!
EG likes to help me in the kitchen – here she is starting the ice soak for the cucumbers/pickles
Grated onions and cucumbers with their pickling salt…they’ll sit overnight
Sun tea…….gotta use the intensity of the sun for SOMETHING

I am hoping that the air conditioner will get fixed sooner rather than later, because canning is a very, very, very heat intensive process, and the thought of raising the temperature in the house any higher than it already is is ALMOST enough to make me skip the canning for this year…or figure out a way to switch to the graveyard shift and do it at night.  Hmmm…maybe I’m on to something there – I’m sure Ellie would be FINE playing alone all day while I sleep. Right?  Ha.

Tomorrow I’ll also need to go pick blackberries from around the property.  Unfortunately, the blackberry hedge that we have historically picked from is on our fence line, and our dear neighbors thought they’d do us a favor and spray it with crossbow. Yeah. No blackberries from THOSE bushes will be coming anywhere NEAR my kitchen!!!!!  I’ll just have to go scrounge around and see what I can come up with.

On another note, Ellie and I have been having a blast together – her sense of humor is blossoming and she makes so many amazing connections.  The other day as we walked through the prenatal development exhibit at OMSI (Oregon Meuseum of Science and Industry), she stared at the representation of a baby in the womb.  She turned to me and said, “Mommy! Baby Ryder and Lenore!”  It just blew me away that she made the connection between Lenore’s amazingly beautiful belly and what she was staring at in a museum exhibit.  Aaah, the wonder of toddlerhood!

Ok, now it’s really late. Off to bed. Nighty night.


EG and Jax enjoying Mary Poppins


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