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Check this out…………………

Ok, now imagine THAT guy in between your barefoot and your flip flop….imagine what THAT felt like, huh?  Yeah. Joy of all joys.  That was how I started my day yesterday, and the damn thing was still hurting when I woke up this morning.  Damn.  @!*#&(! * that sucked.

So swollen. I had no idea how painful those damn wasps can be!!!!

Ellie Graye was very empathetic, and quickly got her own bowl and soaked along side me.  Later, when I was out in the garden, and she woke from her nap.  She insisted on telling the story to Uncle Jake having him again get her own bowl of hot water to soak her feet in.  ADORABLE!

Pretty darn precious.

Once the foot felt a little bit better, EG and I headed back out to the garden to pick cucumbers…I was hoping to pickle them today, but time got away from me.  Ellie loves to help with the picking of garden goodies – as well as washing them!  It’s so fun to have her with me and participating!

Whatcha washing, EG?


A very rare shot: with Mommy!!!

Trying to to pick a carrot from under the cabbage...........notice that she wouldn't let me take the tag off her new winter boots! so cute

Picking an unripe tomato.......because that's all there is. And I've been hearing from a lot of places that there won't be many ripe tomatoes this year

Yesterday was definitely one of those days that was full of good intentions that didn’t quite congeal. I made dinner for my friends Lenore and Zen, but had definitely over-committed my day.  I probably could have managed it, but after getting stung, I took a Benedryl and passed out when I was reading EG her naptime stories.  That sucked a huge block of time, and before I knew it I was late to pick up Jeffrey from the airport, the dinner wasn’t ready to be toted over to Beaverton, and Ellie was on the floor kicking and screaming about wanting milk in a bottle.  I was definitely done.

Today was much better, though.  Jeffrey had an early morning call, so was up and at ’em before EG even woke.  When she did wake up, he packed her into the car and took her to go get coffee so that I could get some shut-eye.  It was much needed!  Feeling rested helped keep my attitude a little more in line throughout the day.  Lenore and Zen ended up stopping by to pick up the day-late dinner – which mean I was lucky enough to meet Baby Ryder.  He’s got an amazing little energy about him!  Jake said it right when he exclaimed, “Holy Crap! He’s got personality already!”  – and Ryder was just sleeping…there’s just something about him that is beyond special.  Angel Hunter must have had a long conversation with Baby Ryder before sending him on down to their parents, because there’s something about this little bundle that just emanates strength and love.

Anyway, after spending some time with Z and L, it was time to get moving in the kitchen.  Jeffrey’s mother, Phyllis, arrived in the evening, and dinner needed to be ready.  I had an abundance of carrots in the fridge left over from the numerous attempts at making a “carrot cake” cheesecake (there are recipes out there, but they all call for actual carrot cake. I want the flavors with the texture of a real cheesecake.  None of the attempts matched what I have imagined in my head….the closest I’ve come is a ginger-carrot pie, but it just isn’t cutting the mustard).  So, since I hate wasting produce, I decided that dinner would have to revolve around carrots…so Curried Carrot Soup it was.  So delicious.  Of course, soup alone isn’t enough for a complete dinner, so I made a chicken stir fry to go along with it.  I’m pretty happy with how it turned out, but unfortunately, I didn’t get any photos! I love that I’m finally able to use veggies out of the garden.  It makes everything so much more meaningful and somehow nourishing!

Carrot-Ginger Pie

Checking out the garden. I love this munchkin!


3 Comments to “Ouch.”

  1. So sorry you were stung. Jeez, he was a big guy. I hope he is dead now!
    Take care of your foot!

    Missing you!

  2. Melissa, I just love seeing your pictures and reading about your day (even if it includes getting stung by a wasp-on-steroids — JEEZ that thing was HUGE!). I want to come stay with you and just shadow you for a week — such a cool life and place to live. Missing you! xoxo Andrea

  3. Ouch!!!! Really love seeing your pics and reading when I get a chance!!!! I can’t wait until I can actually come visit.

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