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One day in Paradise = Resurrection!

I have nothing to do today. Nothing but spend time with my husband, sit by the pool and walk on the beach……in KAUAI!  Aaaah. Paradise.

View from our balcony

I can hardly believe we actually made it here TOGETHER: not a small feat! I had begun to prepare myself for traveling alone after Jeffrey received a call on Sunday about a meeting that needed to be “locked in” for Monday.  Without going into detail, it was an EXTREMELY important meeting that I couldn’t even argue about.  Thankfully, Jeffrey works with some pretty amazing people and was able to figure out a way to rearrange everything so that he could join me.  He needs this as much, if not more, than I do!

Jeffrey's idea of vacation: working in a different location! Ha. Business call during our layover in Honolulu

The flight out here was ridiculously long, and with the delay in Honolulu, we were traveling for a total of 15 hours.  By the time we arrived here at the hotel (Koa Kea) in Poipu, we were hungry, ready to crash, and so happy to finally stop! We happily sat at the bar and had some delicious food, then fell into bed exhausted!

Sometimes the realization that I have lived a life that most people have only dreamed about comes at the most unexpected of times.  After the welcoming committee met us out front, they asked if we had ever been to Kauai before.  “He hasn’t, but I have,” I responded.  “I stayed at Peter and Tara Guber’s place once.”  The staff all exploded with, “You did??? WOW! Why? HOW?” I explained that I was there taking care of a friend’s children while they visited Peter and Tara, and one of them responded. “Well, that’s certainly something you’ll tell your kids about.”

It was then that I had this overwhelming sense of gratitude for the opportunities that life has given me.  My stay at Peter Guber’s Tara Plantation is one of the many experiences that I have that I’ll be sharing with my children and grandchildren, I’m quite sure.  I wasn’t quite expecting to feel so “lucky,” but I do. Like my friend Ann-Marie said, I’m the “luckiest girl EVER!”  A little hard work, always staying open to odd opportunities, and a little luck have definitely made my life pretty darn amazing.

We had breakfast this morning after a wonderful night’s sleep and then went for a walk on the beach.  It’s so nice to just be together and rediscover all the things we love about each other: the laughing, the inspiration we see in things around us, the dreaming of what’s to come.

Ok. Jeffrey’s done with his morning work (one the joys of owning your own company: you’re never REALLY on vacation!), so we’re off to the pool!!!!!  Aaaaah, Kauai!


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  1. LOVE IT!! And mahalo for resurrecting the blog once again. Enjoy your vacation — you deserve it!!

  2. I love Kauai the most of all Hawain Islands. I have stayed at the Sheraton at Poipu beach on three occasions the past decade. The island is calling my name again…

  3. Yay, you’re back (the blog). Maybe I need to go to Hawaii to get re-inspired!!!

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