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7 September 2010

It’s hard to believe that the rain has already returned, the trees along the driveway are turning colors and the harvest (tiny though it is) is already sitting in the kitchen waiting to be preserved. One day back from our “vacation” and I’m already in full swing.

Our first day back, I was thrilled to spend time with my little Bear, and she was completely enthralled with picking tomatoes and “totatillos.”


Only a few tomatoes are ripe yet, and I’m pretty confident that we won’t see many many more out of our garden this year – I think it might be time to learn how to make fried green tomatoes.  It’s depressing to see fall creeping in, but then again, at least we’ll have this year behind us and we can start planning for next year.  The whole season has been so odd…in fact, after not having grown at all in the spring, my rhubarb has suddenly sprung up and I have JUNE bearing strawberries that are just now producing the tiniest little berries that are insanely sweet.  So weird.

The zucchini and patty-pan squash had grown to ridiculous sizes, and there were enough cucumbers hanging on the vine to stock a produce aisle. So EG and I collected as much as we could carry, and then sent Jeffrey out to get the rest.  He swears that the bag of squash weighed 90 lbs.

The giant Costco bag full of Giant Squash

With Monday being a traditional barbeque holiday, Jake and I somehow threw something together.  Colin and Susie decided to come over at the last minute which worked out great since we had loads of Grilled chicken and tri-tip.  Jake smoked a second tri-tip, and lord almighty it was sooooooo yummy.  We grilled up one of our garden grown artichokes and a couple of stuffed bell peppers (also from the garden), had a Greek salad (again from the garden), and had a great night hanging out.

We certainly had a great time, but since I had started soaking the cucumbers to make pickles, it had to be done, so I was up until the wee hours of the morning making pickles.  Jake got some footage, so maybe if we ever get our act together well edit a short webisode to post here.  Today I made more pickles, started some vodka infusions, and began the blackberry jam process.  Tomorrow I have a million things going on (EG’s new swim lesson, my mother-in-law arriving, zucchini bread, jam making, packing)…Thursday I leave for Nashville.  Holy Moly. Where the heck is the time going?!?!?

Dill Pickles

Cucumber/Lemon Vodka

Salt soak for Bread and Butter Sweet Pickles

I’m excited about my trip to Nashville.  I get to see my two besties, visit a city I love (I still think it’s so random that I lived in TN way back when), and be a part of a really cool show.  It’s gonna be wonderful!

For now, I need sleep…………………….



Her response to "smile for the camera, Ellie"

Trying some fresh Broccoli......


No thank you, Mommy!

The Roses are finally in full bloom

I can't wait to go back!


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