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21 September 2010

Glancing at the clock, I could hardly believe it was only 7:07 pm.  Why the heck was my daughter melting down on the floor screaming, “NO fffffflower, mommy solo SLEEEEEEPING.”  No flower? Huh?

“Ok, Ellie, you want to go to sleep.  Let’s take a shower, get your pjs on, brush your teeth, and I’ll put you in your crib.”

She started hollering even more. “NO FLOWER! ELLIE…..NO…….FLOWER!” I was still confused.

“Ok, ok, let’s just go shower and then we’ll go nigh-nigh.”

“NO MOMMY! Ellie say NO flower.”

Then it hit me: my little two year old wanted to go to sleep so badly, that she didn’t want to “SHower” before going to bed, she just wanted to sleep.  There was no way we were going to sleep so early, so I convinced her to take a quick shower, but decided to let her skip the teeth brushing…I think she was asleep before I finished saying my usual, “Good night; you’re sweet; I love you.”  Poor dear.

On a completely different subject, I’ve decided that I’m ok with being mediocre.  Whaaaa?  Yeah, I’ve decided that I’m going to cut myself some slack.  If I don’t have pickles for Christmas, it’s not going to be the end of the world.  If I don’t make homemade barbeque sauce with my tomatoes, no one is going to tell me I’m a failure (they might think it, but I can almost bet they won’t SAY it).  I can’t say that if I don’t infuse vodkas that I’ll still have any friends, but hey, that one I think I can swing.  This year has been so ridiculously heltzer-skeltzer that I’ve just got to be ok with getting through it.

Uncle Jake and EG picking tomatoes.........mostly green ones


We’ve started the quest to find a preschool for Ellie Graye – she’s definitely in need of some socialization and it will give me the time I need to get my own self back on track.  As we drove down Wilsonville Road, Jeffrey commented about how the freshly painted white lines on the side of the road were damn wobbly, and that lots of cars had driven through them.  We laughed about how poorly they were painted.  Sometimes the city just doesn’t give a darn.

As I headed out to my car after heading to Target to pick up some leggings for EG, I caught a glimpse of our own car: our beautiful, shiny black Suburban. HOLY @#$*&@!! It wasn’t just black anymore.  Oh no.  That sloppy paint job on the road?  It looked even worse on the right side of the car.  It had already dried, and now we’ve got a spotted car.  If it doesn’t come off easily tomorrow, you’d better believe the city of Wilsonville is going to be getting a call from one very upset Suburban owner!

The good news today is that my mother-in-law is doing markedly better.  Walking into her hospital room today, I was pleasantly surprised to see her sitting up, talking (albeit very, very, very quietly).  I think I might have done a little jump and a skip when I saw her doing SOOOOOOO much better!  We’re proud of you, Phyllis!

Tomorrow is an insanely full day, so I’m going to try to hit the hay early.  Nighty-night!


Bathe much?



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  1. wow – great focus and color on Ellie – the white balance is spot on

  2. Trust me: no one will think you’re a failure but you, and everyone who loved you when you had pickles and infused vodka will continue to love you without them because we love the source so much more than the products. We (I) just tend to be better about gushing over things than over people… xoxo

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