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Otros Children!!!!!!!!!!

28 September 2010

“Ok, Ellie Graye, mommy and daddy are going to leave you with teacher, and come back later to take you home.”

“Mommy! Baby! Milk! Look it! Mommy! Ellie play! Mommy!” She picked up a baby doll who was holding a bottle in her hand.

“Ellie, Mommy is leaving now.”

Without even glancing at me, she spit out, “Ok, Mommy.”

Two seconds later, off she scampered.  In my experiences, that wasn’t exactly a typical response from a two year old on her first day of being left anywhere other than at home or Grandma’s or Nana’s.  I’ll admit that while I had suspected this would be her response, there was a flood of relief when my suspicions were correct.  She is definitely secure and independent.  I’ll also admit, that the deep breath I took was one of relief that I would have a couple of hours without a toddler in tow!  The lady at the front desk commented on Ellie’s response being the exception rather than the rule, and I thankfully exited the building!

When I returned a few hours later, I got a warm, fuzzy feeling as I looked at my daughter who was wearing a pink Sleeping Beauty dress and lying on the floor while other children played around her.  Ash she played, she absolutely had “perma-grin,” and her face was glowing with joy.  Her eyes lit up even more when she saw me standing in the doorway.

With her hands shooting straight up into the air, she yelled: “MOMMMMMMMMMMMY!!!!!!! OTRO children!!!!!!!!!!!!”  She motioned to her friends around her. Her animation, doubled with her “SpanGlish” always makes me smile.  “Otro” is easier for her to say than “other,” and her transition from a Spanish accent to solid American one is a riot. She gave a little jump, her hands flying around in the air as she ran around in circles.  There’s nothing quite like seeing a child so incredibly happy!

She didn’t fight leaving the school, but I’m not sure I’ve ever seen my daughter so darn happy.  She was just overflowing with excitement.  Her little feet were skipping – not knowing what they were doing.  She had a little dance around me like a puppy looking for a treat.  My heart about burst.

Lucky for us, after some rearranging, Ellie Graye will be able to start at the PLAY boutique preschool on Monday.  With my mother living only a few minutes away, I couldn’t ask for a better set up.  In fact, on the way home, we stopped by Gah-Gah’s for a quick visit.  Of course, Gah-Gah couldn’t stand the thought of Ellie leaving, so I got a few extra hours of solo time.

Yes, indeed, I think that the decision to put her in preschool was the right thing at the right time.  She obviously loves “otros children” and I’m positive she will soak up any new knowledge that might be thrown her way.  I’m excited to have a new energy release for her constant buzzing, and I believe that the few hours that it gives me to go ride Avdoo will do wonders for my own personal health.

Speaking of Avdoo…..the trainer (David) rode him for the first time today, and gave me a great review. “Nice horse, Melissa! Nice horse!”  I love hearing that. I can’t wait to start riding him again on a regular basis! Woo hoo!

Frank is adjusting to his new home, though I can’t say that my heart isn’t aching still.  I so miss his morning cuddle and his silly little antics around the barn.  I miss the feel of him under saddle – when he’s balanced and happy and relaxed.  BUT he’s happy in his new home, and THAT makes it easier!

This week is swamped, so I’m heading to bed.



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  1. can you say “P-a-liiii-en-tol-o-jist”

  2. Kendall was the same way her first day of preschool….could care less that I was leaving and had a blast.

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