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Playing Catch Up

1 November 2010

I’m not sure I remember how to do this…I THINK I just write about the farm and what’s been going on around here.  Can’t be all that hard, can it???

Except, let’s see, what has happened in the last month or so since I’ve posted….hmmm…well, maybe not so much.  Let’s break this down.

My mother-in-law. Back in September, I went to Nashville to visit my two best friends Gina and Renee (and meet the newest addition to our group, Ashley).  Gina works on Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, and they were working on a school that had been destroyed by the Nashville flooding.  Remember that?  Well, the day before I left, my mother-in-law arrived from Southern California, and I KNEW something was wrong.  I called Jeffrey and told him he needed to find out what was going on with his mom.  The day AFTER I left, she was admitted to the hospital and was soon in ICU.  She was diagnosed with Myasthenia gravis, a neuromuscular disorder that, as I understand it, prevents muscle cells from receiving any signals, thus causing something akin to paralysis.  This was caused by a tumor on her thymus.

It’s been a rough, emotional time all the way around.  My emotional attachment to Phyllis is quite strong, and seeing the love that Jeffrey has for her has been moving.  My role through this whole ordeal has been attempting to keep some semblance of normalcy while dealing with rather unusual, difficult, and sensitive issues.

Phyllis’ husband, Mike, came up as soon as the situation became serious.  He has been staying out in the pool house, and has spent every single day by Phyllis’ side.  I respect how committed and dedicated he is to seeing her through this.

I’ve been blown away by the strength that Phyllis has shown.  It has been truly inspiring to see her fight through one obstacle after another.  Last week, I was able to sneak away and visit her two days in a row.  There was a moment when she looked me in the eye and said, “Melissa, I didn’t think I was going to make it through last night.”  Tears sprang to my eyes, and I excused myself soon after.  I wept, not only because I was incredibly sad that she has suffered so much, but I wept because of the beauty of her strength.  She has fought. She has survived. And, lord almighty, she is going to win.  Cancer can be a bitch, but she has withstood. The hospital can be demoralizing (I can attest to that), but she has persevered.  I consider myself incredibly lucky to have her example to follow, her son to love, and her legacy to pass on to my daughter.  Phyllis, you are an inspiration! Keep up the good fight!!!!!!!

Building Jake’s Loft. With Jeffrey spending a whole lot more time at home, a new challenge arose.  How was he going to continue running his business with no office other than our bedroom.  The “office” that we had built for him months ago had in actuality become Jake’s living quarters; thus, the decision was made to move forward with finishing off a living area that would be a more permanent place for him.  Oddly enough, I haven’t taken any photos of the new space……..something I need to do – and soon!

Colin and Susie.  My other brother, Colin got married somewhere in the middle of all the craziness (October 2, to be precise).  I did the flowers, which turned out quite well if I do say so myself.  We’re lucky enough to live very close to many large flower growers and in particular, dahlia growers.   I can’t explain to you how amazing it is to see field after field of one of my favorite flowers.  I had a blast doing all the arrangements, and quite frankly, the arrangements kicked ass! 🙂  Flowers were from Swan Island Dahlias, the largest dahlia grower in the USA.  Everyone there was extremely helpful, and quality of the flowers was top notch.  The setting?  Their future house.  It was designed by Colin and was mid-construction, but they were determined to be married there, so tah-dah – plywood, exposed wiring, and unfinished everything was the decor! And it was just as they wanted it. So there.

The happy couple - with their "witnesses" They got married before everyone arrived for the party

Sisters. Hannah and me

Pool House. After pretty much completing Jake’s loft, our energy was turned to the pool house.  We have high hopes that Phyllis will be home soon, and want to be sure that she comes home to the coziest, most comfortable, and most convenient situation that we can possibly arrange.  On top of that, if she ends up needing a hospital bed, we needed a way to get it INTO the pool house.  The way the doors were situated, it would have been absolutely impossible.  We put in french doors and a massive window to allow for the as much light as possible – and to provide amazing views.  We also removed the carpet and put in Pergo to eliminate dust and allergy issues.

Halloween. Yes, the entire month of October was spent preparing for our insanely successful Halloween Bash.  I funneled all the stress, frustration, worry, and emotion into decorating for our party….which will take an entirely different post which I will work on tomorrow…


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  1. Melissa, sometimes the twists and turns of life can be like a tornado…with happy times, and “near death” experiences.
    So glad for your loving family to be growing closer through these crises.
    Moving on in faith for the future…
    Mary xoxox

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