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Christmas Trees

30 November 2010

It’s Christmas time, and I love it!  After a few days recooperating from the busyness of the Thanksgiving holiday, I’m ready to get into the holiday spirit…at least, that’s what my brain is telling me.  I’m having a hard time motivating with the decor around the house…I haven’t quite come up with my inspiration yet, so I’m struggling to focus my creativity.  I’m thinking glittery deer…………….hmmm.

One of last year's finds

We have our tree – that at least is out of the way!  It’s one of the good things about living in Oregon – there are Christmas tree farms EVERYWHERE!  The ceiling in the great room is somewhere around 14′ I think, and the bay window where we put the tree drops a couple feet, so we were in the market for a 10′ – 12′ tree.

The last couple of years, we went with the only place we saw advertised (Lee Farms), and soon found out that we had been ROBBED.  Coming from the wonderful city of Los Angeles, $150 for a 10′ tree seemed like a deal.  Seriously –  several years ago, we had seen a tree at a lot in Sherman Oaks that was 6′ and was selling for $300.  Determined not to make the same mistake again, I went on the hunt for a good tree farm that held to Oregon pricing.  I found several.  I sent Jeffrey over to place not far from here, where they sell Nobles for only $5 a foot.  The tree he brought home is absolutely stunning!

While he was gone, Ellie Graye and I headed to Target to buy her her own little artificial tree.  She was so incredibly excited, and we were soon home hanging her new ornaments on her new tree.  Mommy tried to help, but soon discovered that in Ellie’s world, it is absolutely vital to match red ornaments with red lights, blue with blue, and gold with gold.  Let’s be clear…mommy was just too darn ignorant to know this – and was therefore sent away and removed from Christmas tree duty!

"Ellie DUEL IT, Mommy! GO AWAY!" (Duel = Do)

She soon discovered another place to hang ornaments! I swear, she has her own sense of fashion!!!!

Last night I spent 4 or 5 hours putting lights on the tree.  I used so many strands, that I kept blowing the fuses, finally after the third go-around, I managed to split them up in a way that keeps the tree shining!

Sooooooo…the trees are up…now to get to the rest of decorating!


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  1. That tree is just stunning! (Yours is pretty too ; ) Hope the holiday season is really wonderful for you guys.

  2. Gorgeous! I’m thinking you may have a future business partner in that daughter of yours… 🙂

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