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Christmas Tables

25 December 2010

Christmas Eve’s dinner was graciously hosted at my dear friends Jordi and Lisa Kellogg’s home.  Jake and I made the sides and appetizers while another friend (Minou) made an insanely delicious prime rib!    Lisa’s house is spectacular, and her cleverly crafted centerpieces were just the right touch for the tables.  I love her idea so much, that I am sure I’ll be using the idea for more than just Christmas!  She placed wreaths in the center of each table, filling their centers with large ornaments.  The pieces filled the table and made an impact without being intrusive! Love it!

Christmas dinner was here at DPF, and since we host large groups frequently, I’ve had to come up with a solution for a table that is both spacious, affordable, and easily assembled and disassembled. On Christmas, we have to transition our living room from “Gift Central” to “Dining Hall” in a relatively short period of time.  This past Thanksgiving we finally came up with a workable solution – and created a table that seats 18 – 20, doesn’t take up too much room when stored, is cheap, and sets up in minutes: two 6′ folding tables spaced 1′ – 2′ apart, two sheets of plywood, and a few screws. Voila! Our massive table!

anchoring the two together makes it much more stable!


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