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Ellie and Avdoo

Several weeks ago, I took Ellie out to the barn to visit with Avdoo who has been laid up with a popped splint.  Watching the two of them interact was absolutely magical.  My big huge giant horse (who at one point in his life wouldn’t walk more than 10 feet without rearing and striking) was so incredibly gentle and patient with my tiny little munchkin.  I will remember the moment forever, no doubt.  I had an amazing sense of pride – knowing that I had trusted myself and my gut in regard to my horse.  No one would have believed that 2 years ago, I was told he was going to kill someone, another horse, or himself if we didn’t put him down.  I’m so incredibly happy that I stuck it out, worked hard at fixing the cause of his behavior, and ultimately found a trainer who knows what he’s doing and is producing results (thank you, Gabby Deets, for all the help you put in for the interim year or so – I gained so much confidence during that time!).

I can’t wait to see where Ellie and Avdoo end up.  I have a sneaking suspicion that they’re going to go places together!




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