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New Furniture

Do you remember last month, when I was so happy about having “finished” Ellie’s room

It looked like this...

and this (note the crib)


Well, it turns out that I wasn’t done.

A couple of weeks ago, I had popped by the Goodwill and seen a piece that I SHOULD have bought right then.  I didn’t, and went home regretting that decision.  The next morning, I thought I’d try my luck and see if it was still there.  Ellie and I piled into the Suburban and headed out to Tualatin.  I was disappointed, but not surprised that someone had snatched up the piece, but then heard Ellie Graye say, “Mommy!!! It’s a PRINCESS DRESSER!”

I looked up, and there was the perfect dresser for her bedroom – along with two side tables.  I glanced at the price and about fell over.  Without sparing a minute, I claimed the pieces – with a little three year old jumping up and down with excitement! As soon as we got home, we started dismantling the furniture that was in her room, cleaning the new furniture and discussing how things should be arranged.

The mirror was included!

In a total spur of the moment decision, I decided to take convert the crib into the toddler bed.  I had been putting it off for a while, but with some input from Nanny Ashley, decided that it was time.  Taking the drop side off and replacing it with the toddler rail was a job and a half, and it involved calling the store where we bought it, the manufacturer, and finally the delivery person who put it all together!  It took nearly 2 hours, but eventually, we had our transition bed all set, and she was just fine with it.  It has been several weeks now, and there really hasn’t been an issue of her getting out of bed and into mischief – which is quite a relief!  She’s definitely emotionally attached to the crib, though, and has said countless times that she does NOT want to EVER sleep in the big girl bed.  She’s totally fine with hers.  Hmmm. I wonder how long that will last!

On one of my many trips to Joann’s Fabrics for Ellie’s birthday, I had found some beautiful pink lace that had accents of purple.  It was on clearance for $6 a yard (originally $35); I couldn’t pass it up, though I had no idea what I would use it for.  After sitting in the room enjoying the feeling of accomplishment over my furniture purchase, I realized that I knew EXACTLY what that lace was for: her bed.  I shot down stairs, quickly sewed up a pillow case for her body pillow that is supposed to protect her head from the head board, hemmed the piece that would be used as a bedspread, and voila – the perfect touch!

I say not bad for $100 dollars ($70 for the furniture and $25 for the lace)!  I wonder if I’ll EVER be finished with that room!

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  1. Hey Melissa,
    I saw this on FB and had to take a peek. Love, love Ellie’s room! Love that you sew and can hardly wait to chat with you on the 1st.

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