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One of my Favorite Finds….EVER!

By now most of you know that I love second hand furniture.  I love the character that it has, the story, and the challenge of finding great pieces.  Over the course of my life, I’ve had quite a few great finds (Ellie Graye’s bedroom furniture, for example).  It has taken me a while to find my favorite spots up here in Oregon (in LA I knew just where to go), and I now have a particular Goodwill that has become one of my weekly stops, and it rarely disappoints.

On this particular trip, I immediately found a 1950s ceramic lamp that had been re-corded and was the perfect piece for the playroom that I’ve been trying to add finishing touches to.  I held onto it, and poked around, looking for whatever else it was that was going to scream my name.

Cleaned and in its new home in the playroom



I headed to the furniture department and saw a small little hutch that was in great shape but definitely needed a full coat of paint and some TLC.  I wasn’t convinced it was worth the $60, and I really didn’t NEED a hutch.  I called my mother to see if she’d be interested in it.

She didn’t answer, so I poked around a bit more.  I moved a chair that was up on a larger piece of furniture, and it was then that I saw it. Underneath a pile of chairs, tables, and miscellaneous junk was an absolutely GORGEOUS mahogany buffet.  It had obviously been glanced over by many a bargain hunter, simply because it was hidden and the varnish on top was peeling and in need of some love.  I looked at the price tag: $39.99.  WHAT???? A mere $40 for a piece that once refinished would be worth FAR more?!?! I had a few doubts about whether or not I could actually make the piece look nice enough to have in the house, but decided to buy it even so.  I figured that if nothing else, I could use it in the basement for storage – you can’t even buy bookshelves at IKEA for $40!!! I desperately ran around the store to find an employee to help me – scared that someone else would see the treasure I had just discovered!  The hutch was quickly forgotten, and up onto the suburban went the buffet.

Once I returned home, we unloaded it into the shop.  It was then that I really truly saw what a treasure I had found.  Once the piece stood on its own without the piles of broken bicycles, particle board end tables, and laminate bookshelves – it was just simply elegant.  The craftsmanship is incredible, and the lines of the cabinet doors are spectacular.  I love its simple lines, and understated strength.

Just ignore my husbands ridiculously complete gym in the back

complete with removable silverware tray

With a little research, I discovered the same exact credenza, only refinished…for $895.  Yeah, so even if I eventually spend $400 on having a pro refinish it, I STILL got a deal!

I’ll be trying my hand at refinishing this within the next couple days – and will keep you updated on the progress!



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3 Comments to “One of my Favorite Finds….EVER!”

  1. Lucky girl! I’ve been looking for a buffet for the longest time, but the Goodwills around here don’t seem to produce the treasures that you find down in OR. Good find…

  2. Talk to Uncle Buddy – he has some tips for you. He has some magic product that might save you lots of trouble.

    Auntie A.

  3. Alisa, I used some refinisher/conditioner that made it super easy…then finished it with a polyurethane….waiting for it to dry…

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