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Refinishing the Buffet

So the project is in full swing.  It’s my very first time attempting to refinish a piece and not just paint it.  So far, so good!

With no idea about what I was doing, I headed into the wood finish department and did what I do best: asked for advice. I had two guys going back and forth, helping me figure out how I was going to best breathe new life into my priceless treasure.  After much discussion, we decided it would be best if I left the bottom of the buffet untouched and simply used a wood pen and polish to spruce it up since the majority of the issues were on the top.  We figured that I can always go back and do the bottom if I find it necessary.  I do think that one day I’ll have a professional redo the entire thing, so for now, I’m focusing on the top.

I came home with all the supplies the guys told me I needed and referred to my notes that I had taken.  I was soon hard at work, sweating away, breathing in heavy fumes.  Seriously, my head was ACHING afterward.  But besides the headache, I was pleasantly surprised to discover that it really didn’t need quite as much elbow grease as I had thought.  Soon the varnish was gone, and the results were already looking spectacular!


in the middle....

There were a couple of stains, one of which is right in the middle and because if its purplish hue, I assume is wine.  I couldn’t get it out, but I figure it’ll add a bit of character, right?


Although I hadn’t bought stain because they had told me that there was a chance I wouldn’t need it, there was no doubt that a simple coat of polyurethane wasn’t going to cut it. I left the Refinisher/Conditioner to dry overnight, and the next morning I headed down to Fred Meyer and to pick up a tub of mahogany wood finish. While Ellie played with Daddy, I set back to work.  I finished within an hour, and was surprised again: with one coat of stain, the top matched the rest of the piece – it was awesome!


The wine marks definitely show through, but add some "texture" I suppose

The next step is polyurethane to protect the surface; THAT is the step I’m most nervous about.  Cross your fingers for me!



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One Comments to “Refinishing the Buffet”

  1. Arlene Carvey-Kacik

    Holy C—! That is spectacular. Can hardly wait to see it in person. Maybe you can advise me on the footboard of our bed. Cassie scratched the heck out of it when she was a pup.
    We did not notice it so much in the old house. But with the amazing light and fresh lines in our new house – it is glaring at us. Next time you come over maybe you can look at it with me.
    So proud of you!!!

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