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I love my linens: always have, always will.  There’s nothing like slipping into crisply ironed sheets that smell fresh and clean.  Throwing a table cloth over a bare wood table adds the extra little touch that says there was thought in the table setting – even if it’s just casually thrown on!  I’ve collected linens since I was a teenager, and needless to say, my linen closet and sideboard have been overflowing for quite some time.

We recently finished off a couple of new rooms in the basement, and as of this week, my tablecloths are sharing a room with my brewing vodkas.  I love being able to see each piece, and am thrilled to have fewer wrinkles to deal with!  Woo hoo!


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  1. Arlene Carvey-Kacik

    Now that makes me really jealous.
    I need to find some place to hang my linens. Maybe I’ll remove some shelves from the garage cabinets and put in a hanging pole. . . or maybe the cubby under the stairs.
    You always inspire me to try new ways to organize things.

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