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Another New Piece

So apparently, luck has been on my side as of late – and the whole house is benefiting! As I drove home from Ellie’s school, I took a slight detour and passed by a Salvation Army where outside an employee was dancing with a “50% off – 1 hour only” sign.  I screeched across two lanes, and practically hopped the curb into the parking lot.  Most of the stuff there was complete and utter garbage, but hidden in the back was a beautiful antique armoire – something I’ve had on my list of “wants” for quite some time. At a bargain price of $200, I couldn’t pass it up!

The armoire will definitely come in handy.  You see, while we have 72 amazing acres, and a rather large house – there are only 2 official bedrooms. In fact, we nearly passed on the listing when we bought the place because it was listed as a 2 bedroom, 2.5 bath (they hadn’t included the pool house or its bathroom).  There are TECHNICALLY 2 bedrooms, but REALISTICALLY there are 3 extra rooms that can be used as bedrooms – they just don’t have closets, and two of them are downstairs in the basement…

We have been using the room that is officially an office as a playroom; it gets converted to a second guest bedroom when the pool house is occupied.  With no closet, guests end up piling their clothes over a chair, or using the hall closet to hang things – so the armoire most definitely needed to be in there.

With the arrival of the newly refinished buffet, the basement became the new home to the bookshelves that I had used for my vodkas and glasses and what not.  We decided to transition the downstairs space into a playroom. So it was an obvious decision to move the rest of the toys and Ellie’s shelves downstairs, which left room in the “office” for the new armoire.

With all the toys migrating downstairs, I suddenly had another room to redecorate! It’s a small space, but looks out over the lake, and is an awesome place to hang out in the mornings and gaze at the amazing scenery.  I moved the bed into the center of the wall, and will be on the lookout for a day bed that isn’t bulky, and has classic lines.  I hung the family portraits up (original 18th century pieces), and I was pleased that they finally seemed to have found a place that feels right for them – they finally have a “home.” I’m happy with the steps I’ve made in there, even if I know it’s a work in progress!

Painted in 1789, I believe

I think you can see the family resemblance - he looks like my brothers....hee hee



Like I said in the last post: things are really starting to come together!



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