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The Veggie Garden

Our veggie garden this year is seriously embarrassing.  Last year was bad. This year is worse.  There was one point around Ellie’s birthday when you couldn’t tell the weeds from the veggies.  Nothing has grown, and we’re at least 4 – 5 weeks behind.

My onions have some kind of disease, and had to be pulled up before they actually matured. My garlic dried up and molded.  The cherry tree didn’t produce a single cherry, and will need to come down this fall due to some kind of serious blight that it seems to have failed in fighting off. Basically, we can write yet another year off.

There are other plants that are insanely happy: my roses, the peas, the hydrangea, the neighbor’s kiwis, and most of the herbs.  SO I’m just going to cross my fingers that the summer lasts later in the year than it usually does, that would mean we MIGHT have a chance at some of the crops maturing!

Tiny little first harvest

peppers, cabbage, soy beans, tomatillos…..
Tomatoes…I’m hoping they’ll ripen soon!

Green Beans
Boxwood Basil
usually I’d be harvesting pounds and pounds of cucumbers by now…but look how small the plants are!
First Zucchini

Lovely little bug in the Patty Pan Squash blossom


Victor (Geekah): I couldn’t do it without him!





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  1. that top photo is awesome, though

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