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Flowers in the Garden

Our flower gardens and our trees have suffered pretty intensely this year.  The filbert (hazelnut) orchards that were originally covering most of our property had been essentially been killed by something they call a “blight.”  We had all 50 acres removed, and now grow wheat.  The blight, however, didn’t just disappear.  It has taken to the soil, and we have lost dozens of trees to its black tar looking bacteria.  It’s now in the soil of the formal gardens, and everything in its path is shriveling up.  There’s not much we can do, though we’re attempting to save the signature cherry trees that canopy the entrance to our house. Arborists are not cheap ($1800 a DAY!!!!!!), and it’s just not feasible to pay for every tree to be treated.

I threw down wildflower seed in an attempt to hide some of the hardest hit flower beds, and the pretty little blossoms are just now showing up.  They’re actually quite pretty!


The only Dahlias that actually came up this year!

the lilies are finally blooming!







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