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Damn DEER!

As if my dogs and the horrible, non-existent summer weren’t enough to stop my garden from growing, producing, and giving any kind of enjoyment – now the DEER are trying to destroy it.

So far the deer have feasted on my roses (to the point where it looks like a machete went through most of the beds), eaten all of the plants behind the shop (jalepenos, tomatoes, squash), and now they’ve discovered my veggie garden.

ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! Anyone want to hunt on DPF’s property? For those of you who caught it, I DO recognize the irony of living on “Deer Park Farms” and hating that the deer visit.

Soy beans BEFORE the deer found them....

and after

No more carrot greens....

Here they are in the winter time, walking through the flower beds right out side the front door



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