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Bedroom Finds

Our bedroom has seemingly been the repository for anything I couldn’t find a home for.  It is a massive room, and such a cool space – with high ceilings, our own fireplace, and a door to the pool and outdoor fire pit.  The layout is a bit odd, with a hallway leading into the bedroom that is lined with closets and our master bathroom.

When my brother Jake moved up here to Oregon from Los Angeles, I inherited the two mahogany dressers that were once my great-great-great grandmother’s.  They’re beautiful, but they’re massive and old, and were not kept in the best condition.  I hope to one day bring them back up to par, but for now, they’re a little run down.  Because they’re such massive pieces, they definitely set the tone for the room.  I also have a smaller mahogany dresser as well as a table that Jeffrey uses on the rare occasion that he works in the house…

Recently, I found a cool gold framed mirror at the Goodwill ($14.99); it’s a strong enough piece that it balances out the robustness of the large dresser.

Several months ago, I found a super unique side table for the chair in the corner of the room (that eventually will need to find a new home…but not until I find the perfect piece!). I paid $5 at a garage sale for it; I love it!

The lamp I got at Pier1 on clearance for $40

Today I had another spectacular find that works beautifully over our unframed bed.  For $7.99, I couldn’t resist it!  It’s got the perfect amount of chipped paint, while still holding on to the elegance of earlier days.  It definitely has taken the bedroom in a more feminine direction than I had intended, but I think I’m ok with that!  We’ll see how Jeffrey feels…


Last week I had found the matching prints below for $5 each.  They were framed professionally, and are definitely higher quality than most that I have seen in the same genre.  I had thought I’d end up painting over the gold frames, but after my find today, I’ve decided to keep them just the way they are.  They fit wonderfully on the area above our fireplace, and tie in the mirror over the dresser, as well as the mirror over our bed. Aaah, it’s finally coming together!




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