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3 months in 1 post

11 November 2011

What??!? I have a blog? REALLY???  Does anyone even remember or follow it anymore? Apparently, I forgot about its existence! To be fair, I’ve been going…going…going since late August. There have been countless events, stories, and recipes that each deserve their own entry, but I’m afraid I just can’t swing it….here’s a run down:

1. Avdoo had his first official horse show in Oregon…after his third class, he came up lame. He just now is back in riding shape, but unfortunately, it’s looking like there are going to be constant lameness issues, and we just can’t rely on him to be consistently sound – which pretty much takes us out of  a “show horse” description. What does that mean for me? Well, I’m adjusting my expectations of him and am now on the hunt for something to lease and maybe, someday, eventually buy….I had so many dreams wrapped around that horse, and he has brought so much healing to me, I can’t ever imagine letting him go.  He’s my gentle giant who stole my heart the first time he nuzzled me with that all-knowing soul of his. He really is an incredible horse with so much love and kindness and healing to share.

2. We took a family vacation to Great Exuma (part of the Bahamas) and stayed Grand Isle Resort – we met some amazing people and had a seriously amazing time. The island is hands-down one of the most beautiful places I’ve been, the resort is exquisite, and the service is incomparable.  We’re definitely incredibly fortunate to have had the experience.

Yes, I know that I’m pretty much as spoiled as I possibly could be.

3. The week after returning home, I headed down to Beverly Hills for a baby shower for my girlfriend Carrie.  We had a spectacular time, and it was down right wonderful to reunite with the girls I spent most of my early 20s with.  The stories we have are, well, um, unrepeatable, so it was nice to be able to look at each other and just laugh and reconnect!

Sisters.......can you tell? My partners in crime - attacking L.A........quite a while ago

I was the only mom at the shower...so happy to have someone joining me!

Unfortunately, I didn’t get any photos of the group of us.  Somehow I thought I had, but they’re nowhere to be found…

That same weekend, I was fortunate enough to  also see my dear college buddies Katie and Andrea (Yes, yes, yes – AKA Kimmy Gibler from Full House).  I honestly think that I laugh more with them than any body else. I’m so lucky to have the two of them as friends!


These two really are amazing - it's so beautiful to watch the love between them!

On the flight out of Portland, I was ever so thankful to have my camera handy…this was a very rare opportunity! So happy with the beauty!


4. While waiting for my flight home from Los Angeles, I got a phone call that Boots had gotten himself into a situation – he had eaten 3 weeks worth of both his anti-seizure medication and his muscle relaxer.  Nice. F’ing dog. It got a bit hairy, and I don’t think a single person that was working with him thought he’d make it through.  And to be honest, I don’t think it was my love, but rather Jeffrey’s hate for him that kept him alive. $1800 later – Boots is back at it.

On one of many transfers from overnight Emergency Clinic to Vet's

4. Halloween.  Our Halloween party this year pretty much MUST have its own separate entry.  I just regret not having documented the preparation process, as it consumed every day for  3- 4 weeks.  Trying to synopsize its breadth is basically impossible.  I came up with dozens of new ideas for decor, some really fun costumes, delicious dishes, and quite frankly, I’m excited to share them with you guys…I just need another month to be able to sort through things.  A big group of friends came up from Los Angeles to spend the weekend, and provided loads of entertainment. The question is….is it no longer interesting since the holiday is long gone….hmmm…I’m not sure….I DO know that the costumes that people put together were downright impressive – so thank you to all those who put so much effort into it!

My Besties (Renee, Me, Ashley, Amy, Gina, Lisa)

My homemade costume...everywhere I went, I left behind a trail of feathers - but it was sooooooo fun to wear!

As usual I went a little overboard with food and decorations, but it was pretty incredible, if I do say so myself!




The Bar

Yes, I made it all (later several people added to the spread)


5. Several days after the party, Jeffrey and I headed to Hawaii….but that’s another story for another time.  It was wonderful. Period.

Four Seasons, Lanai: The Lodge at Koele

















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  1. I missed your blog! Knew how swamped you were, but it’s my morning read, accompanied by my cup a joe. Glad you’re back – even though I’m far away, it somehow makes me feel closer to you! xo

  2. Your talents continually amaze me. Reading about your adventures on this amazing journey is wonderful! Thank you for always entertaining and inspiring!

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