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Spring is Coming

5 February 2012

After such a mild winter, it hardly seems like it’s time for spring to be poking out, but coming it is.  I’m quite sure that we’ll have another cold snap and all the emerging plants will be fighting off damage from the frost, but for now, I’m enjoying watching the specks of green popping through the soil.

The crocus are right on time, with the first purple blooms letting me know that the other colors will soon be on their way!



These tiny little white blossoms while seemingly insignificant let off the most amazingly delicious fragrance. They’re hidden in the back corner of the garden, so I completely missed them last year.  This year their scent was so incredibly strong, it was almost impossible to not take a minute to sit and enjoy them!






The sunsets have also been pretty much unbelievable. Not bad for a front yard view:


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