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Vintage Music Players!

I am not afraid to repeat myself: I get a ridiculously, out-of-proportion thrill when I find odd and old pieces of furniture on my thrift store blitzes.  While many items I buy simply because I can’t pass them up (like that 1934 Philco 43 Radio I bought for $29.99 last year), I do always have a list of items that I “need” for around the house (I’m still searching for two plush armchairs for the bay window).

One of the pieces that has stayed on my list for quite some time was some sort of table for the entry way. It has seen many different pieces over the last couple of years, but I just hadn’t found something that “worked.” I needed something not too big, but enough to anchor the wall and balance out the heaviness of the framed photo hanging above it.  Plus I needed something that could hold a basket or two to “catch” all the stray things that seem to end up getting dumped as we walk in the door.  I finally found it….for $29.99.  I guess any piece of furniture in the “music producing” category gets that price tag.  It needs a tiny bit of TLC, but the turntable and radio still work, and Ellie has been having a BLAST listening to the Carpenters……..I had no records to my name, so Miss Ashley (the nanny) brought some from her mother’s.

It's the perfect spot for my oh-so-cool "Deer Park" vase that was given to me by my oh-so-awesome Vet and Friend Tina Johnson!

Looks like my summer is quickly filling up with furniture repair projects! Woo hoo!


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