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Thrift Store Fashion.

I’m going to try something different tonight.  I’ve been trying to get back to posting frequently – even if I never get back to writing a post every night. Things have been completely upside down, tragic, and difficult for me lately, and for whatever reason, I’ve found solace in fashion.  I suppose it’s my way of holding myself together – or at least presenting myself as such.

Reality is, I’m cheap…..and addicted to “finds.” My creative juices start flowing when I see some random, crazy, cool print at a thrift shop even if it’s a mumu. Yes, a mumu. Those deliciously comfortable pieces that my grandmothers and their mothers wore. Those dresses that are forever a synonym with “homely” and “dead in the sack” (did I just say that???).  Anyway, it’s rare that I’ll turn down a find simply because it seems unflattering. For $2.50, I can almost always make something work…and if I can’t figure it out? What’s the big deal, I didn’t spend $100, right?

I’ve been doing this for ages, but after a friend of mine expressed very strong doubt that I could actually look good in a mumu – I just had to post my latest. So there.

Sexy, no???? No.

Much better! I simply shortened the length (didn't even hem it since this material doesn't fray), and used the remnant as a belt. Now I even LOVE the neckline.

No joke. I simply shortened it. I sometimes need to use my sewing machine to make things a little more fitted (as I’m itty-bitty), but more often then not a simple cinching of the waist makes things work.  If you find a mumu that you like, just be sure that the material is light enough to fall well.  Heavier fabrics tend to be bulky, so “cinching” just creates a heavier bulk.  Here’s another example of a $1.99 shirt that I used a $1 belt to shape.

Old Grandma shirt from the Goodwill

The entire outfit (minus the shoes and earrings but with the necklace) cost me a total of $11. The shoes I got at Nordstroms on sale for $40no idea where the earrings came from!

I found the jeans at Ross for $6.99 – and they’re Joe’s! I couldn’t resist…underneath the jeans I’m wearing the same tights as in the mumu photos – again a Ross find on clearance for $4.00.

My biggest thing is to mix more high quality, trendy, modern pieces with the thrift store finds.  I often times print out finds from the internet, or cut out photos from fashion magazines and take them with me to the thrift stores.  It seems that if I have something in mind it’s easier to sift through all the stinky, dirty, crappy stuff and find those statement pieces that no one else has!

So what do you guys think…are you as interested in my fashion finds as my food creations???

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  1. I wish I would have saved all my muslim dresses so you could re do them for me. Maybe I did….I will check.
    You are simply Amazing and I love you!

  2. Smashing. Absolutely smashing.

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