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The Bahamas

Goodness Gracious. Since my last rather open, vulnerable and maybe just-a-wee-bit-too-personal post, things have been a-happening. The changes that I’ve seen in myself have taken me aback, and this new found sense of stability and acceptance is – excuse my french – f’ing awesome. Even so, I was definitely happy that we had planned a trip to the Bahamas for a few weeks. The timing couldn’t have been better!

Over the years I’ve spent a lot of time in the Caribbean, and have always preferred it to Mexico or Hawaii – for multiple reasons! I’ve always sought out new luxury boutique hotels that are working to establish themselves are are therefore willing to offer rates that are a bit more affordable than their competition.  When I found Grand Isle Resort on Great Exuma, I couldn’t have been more lucky!  I had posted something on aSmallWorld asking for recommendations in the Caribbean and Bahamas, and several people responded that the outer Bahamas were just amazing.  We went for the first time last September, then while I was in Hawaii, Jeffrey went again in December. The trip we returned from yesterday was just as satisfying and amazing as the others.

The Fam: Ashley, Jeffrey, Me, and Ellie Graye (this was obviously after our camera lens broke...I attempted to save what I could)

We met Penelope Cruz and her husband (Ellie introduced herself to their 15 month old boy with a firm push and a “That’s MY suitcase!!!”), saw friends from previous trips, and met two boyfriends for Ellie.  Yes, she decided that the boys she met were indeed her “two boyfriends” and is still talking about how much she misses them. They were together all day every day that we were there.  We were happy that they were both just as strong of swimmers as Ellie, and were incredibly well-tempered and well-mannered.  In seven days of playing together (from breakfast until dinner), there wasn’t a single conflict among the three of them.  Now THAT is amazing.

The Inseparable Three with a sting ray at Chat 'n Chill

Ellie was pretty darn brave – especially when the boys were. She even got in the water with the sharks this time.  Last year, she stood on the bottom stair to the deck, but that was as close as she got. It took a while, but eventually she agreed to get in.  Of course, that was when our lens decided to start malfunctioning, so we got next to no photos of the event – I’m hoping the boys’ mother will send me some.

Yep, those are the kids dangling their feet over the sharks....

The only photo that turned out even halfway decently - and still EG and I aren't looking at the camera...oh well

At some point, I’ll try to post more, but right at this moment, Ellie is awake again with a fever, and mother duties call……………


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