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Just One Day at DPF

I still haven’t caught up on my sleep…Ellie has been so insanely clingy the last few weeks, that I can’t even go pee without her having a meltdown.  I remember similar days with Rocco – “MELISSSSSSSA,” he would scream. With him, I thought it was cute; but for whatever reason, it ain’t so cute coming from my own kid.  Good lord, by the way she pushes anyone other than Mommy aside, you’d think they were all beating her, and I was giving her candy every two minutes.

She has never been a good sleeper…her little brain never stops, and all night, every night, she wakes me up with her hollering and going on.  Often times it’s just her dreaming, but more often then not, even if it is just a dream, she wakes herself up and needs comforting – or WANTS comforting.  The lack of sleep is one of the biggest reasons why we haven’t even begun to discuss having another child.  I’m a total raging you-know-what at least a few days a week just simply because I don’t sleep…..ever.

All that to say, our morning began as customary at 6 am.


“Ellie, it’s still sleeping time!”

“No it’s not; it’s LIGHT OUT!!!!!!” Her little voice screeched and wailed. “I NEEEED MY MOMMY!!!!!” She continued.

I rolled over and looked at Jeffrey who was either still sound asleep or pretending to be….

“Babe?!?!? Can’t you get her.”

“I’m getting up,” his eyes were still closed, the pillow was over his head and the covers tucked neatly under his chin.


“Ok, ok.” He got up and attempted to deal with the Princess and her tempestuous attempts at getting dressed.

Apparently her legs weren’t working, her tights were broken, her ballet leotard too small, and unable to hear anything other than what Mommy said, and even then it was only when Mommy said something she liked.

Her yelling and tantrums had woken me up enough that I was out of bed, already short-tempered and annoyed. The only consequence to these fits that works is my leaving the house and heading out for a “drive.” She hates that more than she hates time-outs or any other method of  “discipline.”

“Mommy’s going to go take a drive unless you put your tights on. 1………….2………..I’m putting my shoes on, Ellie………………2 and a half………….” Finally she let me put her tights on, and finish getting her ready.  I wish she would realize that if she would just accept the fact that the seams of her tights aren’t always going to lay perfectly flat against her toes, that her ballet shoes aren’t going to feel exactly the same every time, that a bit of water left on the outside of her sippy cup doesn’t mean that the cup is leaking. Let’s put this bluntly: I’m over it.

There. I feel better. It’s out. Sometimes having a spirited, smart, manipulative toddler just isn’t all that great. Aaaah. Relief. Sweet relief.

That being said, I love the crap out of this little girl.  Daddy did finally get her out of the house and to their usual Saturday morning breakfast at Denny’s.  They got to ballet class on time with her bun intact – and without any incidents.  While they were gone, I was able to go to Wilco and pick up my chile pepper plants, tomato plants and a few packs of seeds to keep Ellie occupied while I worked in the garden a bit.

The weather here has been absolutely spectacular.  It’s almost as if the weather is making up for last year’s horrendously late summer.  I’m not going to count my chickens before they hatch, and I’m certainly knocking on wood as I say this, but maybe the weather will stick around for a while………….one can hope!

Once Ellie and I were each back home, Jeffrey went about doing whatever it is he does, and Ellie and I headed outside to the garden.  We’re having my brother and his wife over tomorrow (it’ll be her first “mother’s day” – even if the baby hasn’t arrived yet), and I wanted to have some fresh blooms in the house.  We picked flowers, planted seeds, and just spent some good quality time together soaking up the sun.

My favorite poppies, and just as a note, I allow her to dress herself.......

Then it was inside to arrange them……the art of which she is quite opinionated about…

Oh……….and then there was the duck egg incident. Right. Yeah, that was fun. Here’s the deal.  The ducks, for whatever reason, have decided that our front yard is a great place to lay eggs. There were two nests, each full of 10 – 15 eggs each.  The first nest our dear dog Boots discovered and quickly devoured the apparently delicious treasure.  The second nest he didn’t discover until yesterday, and no amount of zapping from his collar could keep him away, so I decided to keep him inside. Well, today…………….I forgot about the nest, but he did not. So, spread out across our front lawn are 10 eggs – broken open with baby ducklings almost ready to hatch. It’s DISGUSTING….especially when you discover them by stepping on one. Yeah. Not fun.  I almost took a photograph of them, but decided that no one would ever want to see that. There are lines that even I won’t cross.

Several hours after the discovery of the broken eggs, Ellie and her Daddy went out fishing on the lake (successfully, I might add).  Ellie loves to fish, and has a new Barbie fishing pole with which she is learning how to cast…they had an absolute blast together.

sticks and water and kids...........timeless

Apparently the falcons are much better fishers than Ellie and Jeffrey

Enjoying the bit of alone time that I had, I decided to take a quick walk around the lake…I was actually looking for some of the work that the beavers have been chipping away at…but the underbrush has hidden most of it.  I was very happy to discover yet another duck nest…with eggs that had yet to be touched by the Evil Boots. There is still hope for baby ducklings yet.

We ended the day with dinner by the fire pit, topped off with s’mores.  Sometimes, when I think of where I came from, I can hardly believe where I am now…and I’m grateful for every little bit.

Not the best picture of Ellie, but I couldn't resist since it's the only one with Boots waiting for her to drop some tidbit for him to devour


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