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Mother’s Day


I usually dread Mother’s Day. My first three were, well, pretty rough. Today changed that…and I’m happy about the change!

Wow. We fit a ton of stuff in. Holy mackerel! Ellie was up at the crack of dawn as usual, and ready for me to get her dressed and do an art project. I explained to her that most families were celebrating Mother’s Day and that Daddy was going to help her this morning…to my surprise this actually worked, and they were off to breakfast and errand running. I stayed in bed for a bit, but I’m one of those people who can’t get back to sleep once we’re awake…sucks, but hey, if I haven’t learned to live with it by now, I doubt I ever will!

When they got back, Ellie presented me with an absolutely adorable card that she had addressed and signed herself – my first true card of its kind. Nothing like her homemade, heartfelt script to melt my heart (and apparently she picked out the card herself)! Jeffrey gave me a gift card to Michael’s – which I’ll be using for cake decorating supplies, I’m quite sure.

Then it was time to get things ready for the late lunch we had planned with my brother and his wife who is expecting…I had settled on Thai Steak Salad, and had set the steak to marinating last night.  Jeffrey figured out someway to get Ellie detached from my hip, and I got to setting the table outside.  The weather has been absolutely spectacular, and the warmth took lunch outside.  It reached 88ºF today.  I hadn’t really planned on hosting lunch, so I was flying by the seat of my pants when it came to setting the table…ended up with a table cloth and chargers that I found on clearance last year at TJ Maxx, and some candle holders I had bought at Marshalls for $5.  The glass votives had broken, so I had to get inventive when it came to the glass inserts.  Nothing seemed to fit right, so I had to adapt a few things I had on hand…

I used a mini candleholder from the Dollar Tree (its top was smaller than its base, and fit in the metal stand perfectly) and one of the many votives leftover from our wedding...I hot glued them together...

Placed them in the metal stand, added a gorgeous poppy and some "filler" and voila...a perfect little center piece, and yes, that's a real flower....

I made a few napkin holders to add a variety of color (simply glued some sequined ribbon into an approximate size), and stuck with “simple” as a theme.

Initially I was going to leave everything just subtle and muted, but after one last dash downstairs for a touch of glue on the flower “vases,” the coffee filters from the Easter Party caught my eye…they were just the touch of color that I needed!

Just in case you were wondering what it looked like before placing the bowl!

I can’t say it’s my favorite tablescape, but for 15 minutes, it wasn’t that bad…

Lunch was a yummy Thai Steak Salad, which was perfect for the weather…I couldn’t imagine baking, roasting, or using the stove on a day like today…the salad was easy to prepare in advance, and was perfectly refreshing and light .

Pina Coladas (virgin for Jeffrey and Suzie) were the perfect accent for the freshness of the salad, and added a flare of celebration to the day. Let me be clear…I rarely induldge in a Pina Colada, despite the fact that it’s such delicious concoction.  They’re just normally so damn fattening.  This month, however, Cooking Light had a Recipe Makeover for a Pina Colada that brought the calorie count down from somewhere in the mid 400s  to 178! Still not exactly a diet beverage, but certainly something I could splurge on!  On top of that, I think I may like the remake better than a real pina colada…their recipe cut the sweetness factor exponentially!  I’ll definitely be making them again this summer!

Once lunch was over, the boys and Ellie were off to fish down at the lake, and Suzie and I went through Ellie’s old baby clothes.  There were five storage bins of her hand-me downs that I’d been avoiding for ages.  Suzie managed to head home with two boxes, the Goodwill will get one, and I kept two more (some of the clothes I just couldn’t bring myself to part with).  I’m so excited to welcome their new little one!

Piles and piles of baby clothes

Once Colin and Suzie left, the day was wrapping up, but didn’t end before Ellie convinced me that the pool wasn’t too cold to swim in (72º is WAAAAAAAY too cold for me personally – but I’m not a 3 year old with a passion for swimming). She spent an hour or so in and out of the pool, more often then not dragging “her” dog Jax in as well.

After we showered, we spent some good family time around the fire pit roasting marshmallows and chomping on S’mores.

The former Jacuzzi - turned firepit

Pretty much an awesome Mother’s Day if you ask me ——– and totally unexpected.



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  1. Sometimes an “unplanned”, spontaneous Mother’s Day can be the best ever! I’m glad it turned out so nice for you. You deserve it!

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