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So listen, I’m decent at a lot of things…I am super creative and if nothing else passionate about things I try.  Reality is I guess at most everything I do……….especially baking.  This week proved that.

On Wednesday night I had a few girlfriends over for dinner and, goodness gracious, it was just one fiasco after another.  I overcooked the asparagus that I put in the risotto, did something odd to the spicy mango martinis, and the worst one of all miserably failed with the blackberry merengue tart that I had such high hopes for.

The night before, while making the curd, I dropped half of it on the floor….staining the hardwood AND my feet…you saw that picture in my last post…

I had recuperated from that by the next morning, and got moving on prepping the tart.  The meringue was just about perfect, my kitchen aid mixer doing its thing…when I bumped the mixer and CRASH the entire thing fell to the floor.  I had to start that process all over.  Once I had finally finished the tart – all I had left to do was brown it in the oven.

I popped it into the oven that I had preheated according to the recipe and popped it in for the two minutes it called for.  About 30 seconds later, the smell of charred meringue wafted through the house.  I screamed when I opened the oven door and holy crap, it was just black char and smoke. I scraped off the burnt parts to reveal clean, white beautiful soft meringue.  It went back in, but once again it burned, and quite frankly it sucked.

The SECOND burn


totally melted when I cut it. Nice.

Other than the disastrous dessert, I guess it wasn’t horrendous, but cant’ say anything really turned out as I had hoped.  Nevertheless, it was really wonderful to have friends over – it reminded me so much of dinners with my friends in LA. I loved it! 🙂

Started with 4....

Decor is always my favorite, anyway…and arranging flowers is always my go-to procrastination tool!

So cool and easy




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  1. I think you should submit these photos to Victoria Magazine.

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