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Father’s Day 2012

It’s Father’s Day today – and it has been since I woke up at 4:30 this morning.  Goodness gracious, I’m tired.  I’d really rather go to bed, but I have so many fun things that I haven’t sat down to write about, that I figured I’d at least share a few…in photos.

I’ll start with the amazingly beautiful sunrise that I was able to witness this morning as I sat trying to get a to do list going for Ellie’s birthday party next month…the beauty of our home blows me away – especially at moments like these.

The sting of waking up so early was lessened a bit by the gorgeousness of the sunrise!

After breakfast with Mom and Ed, it was a kite flying kind of day for Ellie and Jeffrey. I love that we can do this in our backyard!

Due to a last minute change of plans, we didn't end up hosting Father's Day, but I did have some awfully cute place settings ready just in case!

I had sewn very simple bows and used ribbon for the center strip, then using the same piece of ribbon to make the napkin “ring.”  The shirts are simply scrapbook paper with straight cuts that left a few inches in the center, then folded to make the collar…

Here's the whole look...I didn't quite finish since there wasn't any reason, but I was going to go with the decanters and a martini feel

Oh!!!! And check out that table! Yeah, used to look like this:

I sanded it down, and painted it with Rustoleum’s Dark Walnut (Rustoleum is the ONLY spray paint I use. I hate Krylon!).  The table had been destroyed by Jeffrey’s huskies years ago, and ALWAYS needed a table cloth.  While it’s not perfect, I do love how it turned out!

 So that was this weekend…but really, we’ve just been crazy busy ’round these parts.  I’ll post about getting ready for our new carpet and the work we’ve been doing on the pool house, but for now, here are a few photos from the busyness of the last few weeks.

Geekah had to build a cover for a drainage hole that had gone from small to massive in the last year

My roses this year are the healthiest I’ve seen them since we moved here in 2007 – every day I bring in bundles and bundles, and Ellie and I fill vase after vase. We’re loving it!

We’ve started working on decor for Ellie’s Lorax party, and I’ve been playing around with these tulle garlands (an adaption from one I saw on Pinterest). Ellie has been very opinionated about where they all go!

The mini truffula trees are popping up everywhere!

So check out her “gloves” she came out of her room wearing a pair of socks on her hands, and was so frustrated that she couldn’t use her fingers…so we just made them into fingerless gloves. What a little character she is. Hee hee…quite the sense of fashion she has!

Last but not least, the damn beaver (pardon the pun) has been wreaking havoc around the lake. Chopping trees down then making them disappear. It's nuts.


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