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The Truth of the Matter

There’s something inspiring about a vegetable garden. I can’t quite put my finger on it, but I just always want to SHARE it…

Ellie and I spent several hours digging around in the dirt, picking strawberries and carrots and lettuce and peas – and guessing how much longer the blueberries would need. We topped that off with a walk around the lake, and some rock skipping off the deck. Sometimes I’m just overwhelmed with gratitude and awe at the life that I’ve been blessed with. It’s pretty much unreal.

Garden #1

Garden #1

Garden #1

Garden #1

Her "rabbit eared carrot"

Her “rabbit eared carrot”


This is my backyard?!?!?! How did I get here?


This pile of rocks about sums up my husband….he had them delivered so that he and Ellie can throw them into the lake. Yes. 3 yards of skipping rocks.

Garden #2

Garden #2

With all the beauty around, it’s hard to think that I’d be grumpy about anything.  BUT…the truth of the matter is, pregnancy does all sorts of wacky things to us women…physically, emotionally, and everything-ly. Kidney stones are pretty miserable, too. Put the two of them together, and…well….I’m NOT fun. Which brings me to another topic: the new fire pit. Yes, there is a connection between kidney stones, pregnancy and fire pits…

You see, I had plans to put a fire pit near where we have our annual campouts.  Up until now we’ve been using a fire bowl thing-a-ma-jig, and I wanted something a little more permanent…and less prone to tipping over. I poked around on Pinterest searching for designs, ordered gravel, convinced my brother to load up the Suburban with rocks from his house, and thought through design and placement to no end.  Everything was ready to go, we just needed to move the gravel into place and build the darn thing.  When a neighbor let us borrow his Uni-loader, Jeffrey willingly agreed to help out.  It had only been a few days since my surgery, so I figured I’d let him have free rein with some clear instructions, but stay inside with Ellie while he implemented what EXACTLY was in my head.

A couple hours later, he came in beaming: “I finished the fire pit! Come see!”

I won’t go into detail, but his vision wasn’t exactly my vision, and there just might have been some conflict and some yelling and some hormonal fit throwing. Whatevs. The fire pit is done. I’m pregnant. I just had a kidney stone removed, and another one is suspected to be brewing up in there. Nothing more need be said…except…I’m surprised my husband is still talking to me, and what do I REALLY have to complain about?


Not sure how either of us feel about this spot anymore.

Now I need to start figuring out how to make this situation work…so back to the drawing board…Anyone have any must see designs that won’t require too much cash or effort? I’m 90% sure we’re going to have to put a drain in to keep this area from turning into a pond, but I’d like to make it look a little better and more finished. Ideas?



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