Interior Design

The Nursery is Ready!

16 August 2013

Our house is kinda silly.  It’s beautiful, don’t get me wrong, but for all its square footage, it’s really only a two bedroom house.  We have the basement which houses my craft room, vodka room (yep……it’s where I do all the infusions), a general playroom type area and a guest room (legally, however, it can’t […]

Vintage Music Players!

5 March 2012

I am not afraid to repeat myself: I get a ridiculously, out-of-proportion thrill when I find odd and old pieces of furniture on my thrift store blitzes.  While many items I buy simply because I can’t pass them up (like that 1934 Philco 43 Radio I bought for $29.99 last year), I do always have […]

Refinishing the Buffet

27 July 2011

So the project is in full swing.  It’s my very first time attempting to refinish a piece and not just paint it.  So far, so good! With no idea about what I was doing, I headed into the wood finish department and did what I do best: asked for advice. I had two guys going […]

One of my Favorite Finds….EVER!

25 July 2011

By now most of you know that I love second hand furniture.  I love the character that it has, the story, and the challenge of finding great pieces.  Over the course of my life, I’ve had quite a few great finds (Ellie Graye’s bedroom furniture, for example).  It has taken me a while to find […]

New Furniture

23 July 2011

Do you remember last month, when I was so happy about having “finished” Ellie’s room   Well, it turns out that I wasn’t done. A couple of weeks ago, I had popped by the Goodwill and seen a piece that I SHOULD have bought right then.  I didn’t, and went home regretting that decision.  The […]

The Power of Spray Paint.

21 July 2011

While I’ve always loved spray paint, it took my mother’s reminding about its amazing transformative powers!  She had several pieces of furniture that were…well, how do I put this…um…”meh” would be the best word, I think.  After putting some elbow grease and spray paint to them, they turned into pretty cool pieces!  With the pool […]