Back to Reality

14 May 2010

Well, we’re certainly back at it.  Despite Ellie sleeping in until 8:30 am, the reality of the complications of living the “simple” life came barreling down as soon as we were out of bed. To be fair, the sun was shining, the birds chirping, and the beauty of Deer Park was overwhelming. But, in actuality, […]

Second Cousins

13 May 2010

I told you it was a family trip.  This morning, EG met Jeffrey’s cousin Eric’s son Aiden.  This child loves babies.  If I can ever wrap my brain around having another child, she’ll make a wonderful big sister.

Generations meet

12 May 2010

Our time here in California has most certainly been centered around what I value most: family.  While yesterday was focused on bringing a new member into the family, today was focused on introducing the newest generation to the matriarch – my grandmother.  Despite having been in this world nearly two years, Ellie Graye had yet […]

Important Day

11 May 2010

Today was a very important, memorable day for our family – the “BIG” family, not just the Papens. My niece Sydney Marie was officially declared the daughter of my sister and her husband. They lifted their right hands, took the oath, answered a couple of mandatory questions, and wam-bam-thank-you-Your-Honor our little Syndey is here for […]

Sydney Marie’s Adoption Day Photos

11 May 2010

One of the Perks of Working for Madonna

6 May 2010

One of the greatest benefits from my time working in Madonna’s household, was meeting Mayumi Niimi (Nishimura).  Not only is she an amazing friend, but she was also a great inspiration and encouragement as I started learning to cook.  Here she is with a recipe from her cookbook!

Anyone Want a Beagle?

5 May 2010

I should know by now that if my home line rings, it’s not going to be a fun phone call. “Melissa?” “Yeah.” “Jack, Jr. The neighbor.” “Oh. Hi…….” There was only one word that passed through my head, and I don’t want to write it here. He didn’t need to continue since I knew he […]


3 May 2010

I’m beyond ready to go to sleep!  The weekend was fantastic, but I’m wiped out: too much fun was had!  The bbq last night at Renee’s house lasted far past my bedtime, and then I was up out the door before 8 am. The last time I flew out of LAX, the security line took […]

The City of Angels

1 May 2010

I am definitely in Los Angeles.  I’m tired from a great night last night, and am more than a tiny bit relieved that no one is answering their phones and I have no idea where anyone is. I might actually be able to sleep tonight.  It does seem odd to be sitting in Renee’s apartment […]

Delayed Embarrassment

29 April 2010

I have no idea if any of you can relate to this, but I’m sitting in bed, with a bright red face and cringing…I’m trying my darndest to think of something other than my mistake, but just can’t. Tonight my friend Pilar’s mother-in-law hosted a very intimate dinner to celebrate the upcoming arrival of Tragesser […]

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