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One Step Closer

5 December 2009

Finally, the trenching project is behind us!!!! Now all we have to do is finish the plumbing and wait for Victor’s friend Jose to come out and set up the electricity! Then running water, electricity!!! Holy moly. Never thought this day would come!

The guys worked all day, but not as long as they thought they would have to, as they ran into the pipes and cables that had been laid when the barn was first built which meant that they didn’t have to cross the rocky drainage area that lies between the dam and the barn…we’ll test them out on Monday – HOPEFULLY it’ll work!

Thank God for the Home Depot Trencher!

Loading the trailer to take the machine back; it’s a good thing we have the Suburban!

Gabby came out to hand walk the boys, and for the first time in ages, they were super well behaved! At least some of my work is paying off! She offered to let me keep them at her place during the wet months in exchange for helping her out with chores and cleaning the stalls.  I’m considering taking her up on the offer, as it would be so much easier to have a little “break” for a while.  They would only stay there until the fields here dried up.  We’ll see.

My big boy. He’s doing so well!

The dogs cleaning up Frank’s dropped grain!

Ellie waiting for mommy to finish feeding the horses!

After returning the rental trencher to Home Depot, Ellie and I hung out together while Jeffrey watched a football game that apparently could NOT be missed (I still don’t get that).  We took a shower together – one of EG’s favorite things to do.  She would stay in there for HOURS if I would let her and the water would stay warm!  Then it was off the the linen closet.  We have a deep linen closet, with a large open area under the first shelf – in fact, it’s so big that Jeffrey, Ellie and I can all fit down there.  I kept telling Jeffrey that if I had had an area like that when I was a kid, I would have been in there ALL the time! Needless to say, the rest of the night we were in and out, open and shut, back and forth.

I was able to go to breakfast with my friend who is going through chemo and radiation.  I’m so proud of him.  Even with all this crap, he hasn’t changed a bit.  He’s lost a bit of hair, but other than that and a big scar on the back of his head, he looks just as happy and healthy and handsome as he always has.  His girlfriend is awesome – and so incredibly supportive; I’m so glad that he has her!!!!  His attitude rocks, and while he admits he’s read

y to be done with everything, he’s staying positive, is confident, and is kicking this thing in the butt.  We spent most of our time laughing about old memories and crazy stories that we have together – and then having moments of “Oh man. Oh man. Oh man. How did this happen.” Then back to, “Remember when so-and-so did such-and-such.”  He has such a huge heart and I know I, for one, am rooting for him!

I’m hoping that we’ll be able to get our tree tomorrow, but we’re dependent on Colin since he’s the one with the pick up truck!  We have SUPER high ceilings, and even though the bay window where we put the Christmas tree is lower than the rest of the room, it’s still 12′ high.  Jeffrey is the type that if you can fit a 12′ tree, you GET a 12′ tree.  If you can do the biggest – it’s not an option, it’s a requirement!  Ha.  Our tree last year took me three days to decorate!  Who knows what’ll happen this year!  Hmmm. We’ll see.


Cleansing Breaths!

2 December 2009

Today was just full of cleansing breaths!  I love deep breathing!

Mom and her high school friend Jenn came over for brunch today – and we had just an absolutely magnificent time!  I made a squash tart, and served it with skillet potatoes and asparagus.  I wasn’t a huge fan of the tart as the goat’s cheese made the flavor was bit to tangy for my taste.  It had lots of possibility, and the asparagus and potatoes balanced it out fairly well.  I’ll try it again for sure, but next time will “tweak” it a little rather than following the recipe!  Jenny liked it, though, so that’s all that matters! Not sure why I didn’t get a picture of the ladies, but next time!

Squash Sage Tart

Apple Cider Breakfast Potatoes

This was my back-up plan if the tart sucked!
We had such a good time, that I’ve decided I’m going to host a ladies’ brunch once a month, keeping each event small enough to so that everyone can sit at one table!  I’ll probably start the series on Wednesday, January 13 (though I’m considering also hosting one this month).  There are a few open spots for that day, so let me know if you want to take one of them by emailing me personally at!
I was up fairly early prepping and doing a little decorating before Mom and Jen got here.  I still have a long way to go, but I’ve got a lot of the basics done. I collected lots of fallen bows (thank God for the wind!), and am still waiting for further inspiration in the living room.  I think getting our tree will be a big part of inspiring me – each year seems to take on a personality of its own!
Dining Room Fireplace…Ed, Jeffrey, Me, EG, Jake, Colin, Mom

My mother is truly talented…she made this out of a block of clay. This is Jake’s stocking holder

My ice skating polar bear (mom always gets me polar bears, not sure why); I must have been about 10 when she sculpted him.  Hannah has Mrs. Claus and Colin has a nutcracker.  They’re exquisit


That’s not Ellie Graye’s; that’s Jeffrey’s

I’ve already changed this a bit, and need to figure out what I’m doing to balance out the mirror…
but I’m getting there!
My guests left after purchasing items for themselves and gifts for others, and I headed outside with Ellie Graye.  We went on a long ride on the John Deere, trying to catch the geese as they waddled through the fields.  Ellie just LOVES being outside.
She didn’t take much of a nap, so she was tired all evening…she fell asleep on the way home from taking Victor and Lorena, and slept through my changing her diaper (including Desitin), changing her into her pjs, the dogs barking, the lights on, and my singing loudly trying to wake her up.  At that point, I decided that I’d be heading to bed early tonight just like her.  So she was in her crib by 6 pm, and I am hoping to be asleep by 9 pm tonight.  I KNOW I’m going to have a well-rested, energetic baby at about 4 am.  YIKES!!!!  It’s a good thing she was so damn cute today!
Giving her baby love

Worried about something…

OOOOH, you’re CUTE!!!!

Can’t see to eat…hmmmm…

doing what Mommy does

She needed a different pair of glasses, the other ones weren’t cool enough

Now let’s get down to business.

Fork. Hot Dog.


Ok, so maybe the Elmo thing went a bit too far…EG liked it OUTSIDE, not inside!
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